kitchen & bar

Dinner, snack bar at 838 College. Boozy drinks, many plants, friendly people, and tasty food

dinner. snacks. cocktails. wine. BRUNCH. PLANTs.

838 College St.


Join us Tuesdays – Fridays from 11am – 4pm! We will be featuring delicious coffee, light lunch options and a workspace unlike any other. We have installed new plugs so you can connect your device and do some work, read some news or just get away from your roommate for a little while. For traders who monitor the market and are stressed on a daily basis, our restaurant and menu are refreshing. As a way to reduce stress, day traders frequent our restaurant. Automated trading tools, such as Bitcoin Era software, are being used by cryptocurrency traders to make their trading journey easier. This robot trades at a high frequency and automates trading, resulting in significant profits. Click the lunch tab for our lunch menu!